Crowning the Greatest Youth BJJ Competitors on the Planet.

The Battle 4 The Ages Tournament is a tournament designed to find the most dominant boy and girl Brazilian Jiu Jitsu player, across the country, at ages 8 thru 17.

This tournament will consist of up to 8 top-competitors per age division.   There is no weight class.  Competitors are grouped by age only.  There is no grouping by rank or training time.  It’s simply this:  If we think you are one of the best 11 year old boy or girl in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we want you to come prove it.

The Battle 4 The Ages Tournament is submission only tournament, no points tallied, with points for submission attempts if sudden death overtime.  The matches are 6-minute matches.  Should a match go without a submission, there will be a 3-minute match for points scored for submission attempts.

Current World Champions in NoGi from March 29th 2014

8: Cierra Shen and Kiana Shen | 9: Lee Roy Gutierrez and Joe Petrucci | 10: Mason Woodward | 11: Noah Alsguson | 12: Tyler Brennan | 13: Roberto Jimenez | 14: Dillon Hinojosa | 15: Austin Oranday | 16: Damion Oranday | Young Female: Jesse Crane | Teen Female: Kayla Deleon | Who will accept the challenge for our June 28th Gi Championships?

Current World Champions in Gi from January 4th 2014

8: Ethan Blevins | 9: Carlos Cabrera | 10: Mario Jesus Alvarado | 11: Savion Maranon | 12: Justus Scott | 13: Roberto Jimenez | 14: Jean-Paul Lebosnoyani | 15: Austin Oranday | 16: Sam Rice | 17: Andy Cordova | Teen Female: Kayla Deleon | Who will accept the challenge for our March 29th NoGi Championships?